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OBD2 gps tracker

obd2 gps tracker, really easy install

Car OBD2 OBDII GPS GSM GPRS Tracker connect the car can 365 days real-time Positioning device GM908 support iOS & Android App


vehicle tracker with the function of OBD2 auto diagnosis system, which can realize vehicle positioning, tracking, anti-theft vehicle examination and function, eventually can realize economic driver and safe driving

Standard OBD2 interface, implementation based on the guarantee that the integrity of the original car circuit without wiring installation immediately. Product was accidentally remove or dismantle products will immediately report the alarm state. Product is mainly suitable for OBD2 protocols and standard interface of all the private cars and other motor vehicles.
1.Standard OBD2 connection,size 50x45x22mm in battery,power off alarm
3.with shock sensor build in
4.real time online tracking
5.The function of Google map location inquiry
6.Geo-fence function, low power alarm
7.The function of timing report everyday 
8.Temperature range:-10 ~ +60
9.GSM channal:GSM850/900/1800/1900MHz
Attention pls! it can not support relay or SOS function.It can not support Cut-off power or oil function!!!
1. find if your car support obd2 connection
2. connect obd2 tracker with obd2 on car, just insert it 
3. track your car via sms, real time online tracking, app for android and ios.

Fast setting about this device:
1. insert sim card or micro sim card, led will be light.
2. set admin number first.command as below:
*admin phone number*0000*1** 
for example
13900000000 is user's mobile phone number
2. set apn ,command as below:
 #803#user password#APN##
For example: #803#0000#CMNET##
CMNET is apn of china mobile sim card
if your apn need user name and password,use this command:
 #803#user password #APN#APN user name# APN password##
3.change to gprs working mode,command as below:
Then log in our web server 
Chose ID.NO, and input the number showing on device. 
pass is 123456
If device showing off line, you can try below the order to reset server ip and port
4. set server ip and port, command as below:
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