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Magic USB box with OTG

The USB magic digital box with intelligent power charging, data transmite ,OTG,,USB hurb, and tablet holder function.


USB charging and HUB3.0 USB function, supporting phone / tablet OTG functions . Using the latest BC1.2 charging technology, can charge three device and data transmission simultaneously. equipped with intelligent charging port, automatically deploy optimal voltage and current according to phone / tablet and other needs power, efficient power supply! (Insert an external power supply, phone / tablet use OTG function, can power charge other device at this time)


Work as a usb hub:

Connected to the computer, it will be a USB HUB, two USB2.0 standard, the maximum rate of 480Mbps, 1 x USB USB3.0 standards, the maximum rate of 5.0Gbps, . (Usb2.0 can use ordinary mobile phone micro data cable to the computer, usb3.0 micro usb3.0 cable must be used)


OTG transfer the phone without a computer to play cool

Work with OTG function, Phone / tablet can connect with Usb disk, card reader, mouse, keyboard, digital cameras, game pads and other external devices for input operation, data exchange and other features! (Special Note: Support for Samsung NOET3 and S5 and other devices with data transmission function micro3.0 addition, with ACA Function enabled phone / tablet, while in OTG, but also on the phone / tablet to charge, such as:! Inter Tablet computer)


Creative stent design experience moments

Base support product design, compact and easy to carry, easy to watch videos and other content in your phone or tablet when charging. It lets you become cluttered desk tidy, a digital enthusiasts and mobile office business people is an essential good.


Intelligent power charge.

Equipped with smart charging chip, well-built three 2.1A intelligent charging port, to easily identify your device (according to phone / tablet and other equipment needs electricity 0-2.1A automatic deployment) and to give the best full current to achieve efficient charge! Home travel, service office, to achieve a more electric charge, a multi-purpose!...



Super Multi support a variety of devices suitable, compatible with all USB interface charging smartphones and tablets, you can use USB devices as ipad / iphone / Samsung / xiaomi / Huawei / ZTE and other digital products charge.




Independent power supply to 3 device at the same time safe and efficient charging

HUB charger is connected to 5V power supply, can simultaneously charge three devices at the same time, then the computer, but also a three of HUB (1 口USB3.0) splitter, you can also make phone / tablet use OTG function, while connect a mouse, keyboard, U disk and so instantly become mini computer!

Data transfer, charging, mouse, keyboard simultaneously without disturbing each other


Size: 74 * 64 * 35mm

Color: black, white

Material: ABS fireproof high-temperature high-strength materials to build and work well

Interface design: three 5V / 2.1A adaptive intelligent interfaces (2 USB2.0,1 two USB3.0), 1 个OTG interface supports HUB3.0 interfaces;

External power supply design: External power supplies comply with the 3C certification foot 4A designed to meet the needs of simultaneously charging. (Power adapter sold separately)

Stent design: multi-angle display phone / tablet.

Exclusive design: with ACA Function enabled phone / tablet, at the same time using the OTG, can achieve to phone / tablet powered functions.

Accessories: a manual, otg line, certificates


Dual external power connector:

micro 5pin Interface: You can use ordinary phone / tablet or mobile power charger

Dc2.0 power interface: using a dedicated 5v power adapter


 white light is on with external power supply;

when Otg phone function is turned on, the blue light is on;

Key Instructions: In the case of an external power supply is not connected when using otg function, you need to click the button otg function indicator lights. If the phone / tablet support ACA Function function, press again a button for a second, then the power indicator is off (indicating ACA function is activated), phone / tablet charging icon will be displayed;

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