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GSM home security alarm


Advantage: Work with standard gsm sim card, do not need any telphone line

With build-in recharageable battery, work when power is cutoff

Two-way to communication.
Eight wireless LED defense zone, four wired defense zone
The system supports the GSM cell phones, no need the fixed telephone line.
Can set HOME arm/AWAY arm
When alarming, system plays the recorded voice at first, call six phone numbers and send the short message (SMS)
The SMS (no longer than 160 characters or numbers) can be programmed by users
Record 10 seconds message
Using remote controllers, you can arm, disarm, panic from long distance.
Can control the system by using a telephone or cell phone anytime, wherever you are. For security reasons, a PIN code must be used for access.
Can support all kinds of wireless sensors, such as PIR detectors, door (gap) sensors, gas sensors, smoke sensors, beams, panic buttons and so on, 160pcs in total.
Send the SMS to GSM alarm system to program, it is very easy and quick to be installed and operated
With inner back-up battery, when the power is off, it still can work about 12 hours.
With output relay, can control the home appliance, like light, cooker and so on

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