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GPS tracking system web solution

GPS vehicle tracking and fleet management system
Control more than 5000cars
Web tracking system

This system work via gprs and a web tracking server,Each user can log in and track on web any where in the world

SS-T04 is web based tracking software. Theres no extra software to install into users PC, user could login the server to locate the vehicle. No matter where you are in the world, at office, at home and on the road, you could track the vehicle anywhere as long as you have access to PC.

GPS tracking system web solution

Major powerful functions:Locating and tracking

Monitoring status

Remote alarm report

Remote control

User Management

I)Locating and tracking

Real time location: Current vehicle location is instantly available by the selection. Location will be displayed on a road map or satellite image with a car. Parking car is black and running red.

Live Tracking by time or distance:

You can live track your vehicle in Real Time for a set time or distance. Tracking interval updates can also be set from 10sec to several hours giving detailed accuracy of the track or spot location.

Last position: If theres no new information, it will show the last position.

History trace display: 
All the feedback data are stored in the server for 90 days. Since initial setup, historical waypoint can be displayed on the map giving you a track line of vehicle.

II) Monitoring status

User could inquiry the status of hardware and vehicle by cell phone which is programmed. And the software collects more information. It shows in three parts: bottom of vehicle list area, information area and hardware device status.

Most of vehicle status:                                   

1) Speed

2) Direction

3) Address

4) Arm status

5) GSM signal:

6) GPS signal:

7) ACC on/off:

8) Door:

9) Vehicle battery:

10) Gas line:

11) Panic button:

12) Empty/overload:

Mileage statistics report:

System can report the mileage and gas consumption for every vehicle. And use could export the report to excel document.


III) Remote alarm

The system not only could monitor most status of the vehicle but also it and send alarm to user. After device send out alarm, users cell phone will get the warning message; other hand, the software will show the vehicle on the map with red color. Theres a warning light swirling, blue-and-red glow. You will see the details in the alarm information.

Send alarm messages to pre-programmed numbers:

Anti-steal alarm: alarm sent if door violation occurs.

Power alarm:

If the main battery is interrupted, an power off alarm will be sent advising of the situation. An internal battery power backup for 4hrs provides continued security.

If the main power supply voltage is low, a low power alarm will be sent if this situation occurs.

Speed limit alarm:

Speed limit alarm can be set to notify you when and where the unit exceeds the preset

speed limit

Towing alert:

A towing alarm will advise you if the unit has been tilted or towed while system is armed.


The unit has an electronic boundary function where you can set up an unlimited number of geo-fences to get alerts when the device crosses such boundaries. The geo-fences can be programmed to a selected level of severity ranging from just a log entry to a full scale alarm.

Parking alarm

A parking alarm will advise user the vehicle parked longer time than programmed.

Tired Driving alarm

A tied driving alarm will advise user or driver that he has been driving too long time.


If driver or user met robbery or emergency case, he can press the panic button for 2 seconds. A SOS will send out to call for help.

Custom alarm

We set the empty wire for use design his custom alarm as requirement.

History Data

System will store all the alarm information in the server and user could check the history data or export it out.

IV) Remote control

User can select the vehicle and right click the sub menu to control the device and vehicle.

Remote setting:User could modify all the settings through the system.

Communicate to vehicle:

Mobile phone communication to the unit from any of the pre-programmed mobile phone numbers is available.

Listening in

User could input a phone number to listening in the vehicle to see what happened.

Fuel off/on:

The system is capable of remotely shutting off the fuel supply from your mobile phone or internet log-in. This function needs the hardware supply and right installation.

Remote door lock / unlock:

Doors can be Locked or Unlocked remotely from your mobile phone or internet log-in.

V) User Management

For user monitoring many vehicles, we designed vehicle, sub user, and group management function. Supper user can set sub-users; users can set group; group has several vehicles. User could set different structure as his requirement.

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