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Fast charge USB cable

fast charge USB cable, with switch to keep your private data safe.

Charge your phone in half time.



When we test on computer with original apple cable, here are the result

for aphone 4s, original apple cable current is 500ma,  and our fast charge usb cable current is 970ma.

for aphone 5s, original apple cable current is 500ma,  and our fast charge usb cable current is 10000ma.

for ipad mini, original apple cable can not work on computer, but our cable current is 1660ma.



U02 Products
U02 is a new fast charging USB cable that can charge your phone only half the time as it alwasy cost. Common traditional USB cable can be used to transmit data at the same time when charging your device,but this make a lower power supply and long time charge work. But this U02 Usb intelligent fast charge USB cable is equipped with a switch that allows the USB cable into the "(intelligent charging mode)" mode, so that your device is fully charged faster, without any data transmit.


Another feature is the ability to protect personal data stored on your device , when U02 Usb intelligent fast charge mode is turned on, and when you insert the device into an external charging source sucha as computer or laptop, it can prevent accidental data exchange.

Operating principle: special built-in smart chip power management and data switching, when switching to the fast charge mode, the smart chip issued a directive not to synchronize data to the computer, and then bypass the USB cable instruction allows a maximum output power limit, and direct connected to the motherboard, giving mobile terminal power supply. Special smart chip provides current protection, voltage protection and short circuit protection, will not cause any harm to the cell phone battery, which guarantees the safety of your computer and the device will not cause any harm to the cell phone batteries, battery and the phone at the same time give The power management circuitry provide double protection software and hardware.
Open intelligent fast charge mode, the maximum output 2.5A, according to the needs of mobile terminals, providing a steady source of charge. Open intelligent fast charge mode indicator lights, turn off smart fast charge mode becomes (data + normal charge) mode, when the charging current becomes smaller or the same (equivalent to the effect of the ordinary original data cable), if the phone supports fast charge mode, toggle switch is turned on, change will not affect the charge current, if you do not support the fast-charge mode, you need to toggle the switch to fast charge mode intelligent data lines, only support fast charging.

U02 Usb cable supports intelligent fast charge mobile phone brand models:




U02 test report use a power bank
U02 Usb intelligent fast charge current 4.9V 730ma:



common USB cable ,Current Display 4.9V 580ma


Another common usb cable, current display 5V 360ma:




U02 fast charge USB cable using a laptop tes, output 840ma.

A common usb cable charging current 5V 430ma:



Our fast charge usb cable can prevent data exchange between mobile phone and computer, to keep your private data safe.

Cable length 80cm line thickness 3.5mm;

1. Please do not charge through a USB hub, please directly plugged into the computer's USB port;
2, the use of the vehicle in accordance with the type of vehicle, some vehicle charging current will make false labeling;
3, laptop, notebook computer case and power supply adapter is not connected, the charging current is reduced, this is normal.

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